Saudi Arabia Twitter Fight With Canada

Before pointing out about human rights to other countries, Canada first should look after indigenous peoples that for hundreds of years their land forcefully taken and still continue, women and children disappears and they are discriminated in school and other places. It looks that Canada have blind eyes for their own problems.

It’s politic, just push the ball and make the noise.

I don’t approve human right violation anywhere, but, Canada has a lot to do before pointing to anyone else.

Why are we imposing our socio-political values on a country that bears no resemblance to our own? Are we so morally superior that all others ought to bow down before us and bask in our angelic glow?
I'm middle eastern, even though (not a Saudi) but lives in Saudi Arabia... Anyhow, yes i admit our society has it's flaws, and some of the cultural principles are weird to begin with, but really thank you for pointing out that no one is morally superior than the other, and i could swear that here women are treated way better than men, i swear they can break a queue to get their stuff done and no one would mind, cars will stop to let women cross the road (if a man, he would wait for ever), they are working just as fine and even find jobs faster than males, all im saying maybe the people here don't really need that kind of activities because i can loudly assume that most women here don't really want that type of activities.

These are Western driven ideals expressed at a time when the West was the preeminent power. The West isn’t what it once was, although still formidable. But not everyone aspires to these ideals.

These ideals have been in use for such a tiny fraction of human history. If you were to look at just about any time frame in human history, you would not conclude that these ideals were practiced.

Everyone should concentrate on their own affair, look interfering after interfering where the world has come too. We have enough problems here concentrate on that, instead of ordering others.


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