Hexclad Cookware Review

Hexclad Cookware Review

Hexclad Cookware

HexClad Cookware, a Los Angeles-based cookware manufacturer was founded by Cole Mecray and Daniel Winer in 2016. Although their products are made in Los Angeles, HexClad cookware can be found in Asia. It is well-known for their innovative hybrid design, which combines non stick and clad stainless Steel. HexClad is known for their unique cookware that combines the best of cast iron, stainless steel and nonstick pans. HexClad has a unique technology that allows them to create a raised hexagonal stainless steel design. This is combined with a Japanese non-toxic coating and diamond-cut filling the valleys. Their products also use magnetic stainless steel as the base, with an aluminum core.

The first cookware line to fuse PFOA-free non stick with stainless steel, HexClad’s innovative design features laser etched stainless steel in honeycomb shapes that allows for high surface heat conductivity while protecting the non stick surface inside the shapes from metal utensils. It allows you to cook your favourite foods with no concern about the inset. HexClad cookware is made of stainless steel and has an aluminum core that conducts heat well. However, a HexClad pan is a bit heavier than the average non stick or stainless steel pan. A full range of cookware is offered by the brand, including pots and saucepans as well as knives and tools.

Perfect for:

  • A pan is a nonstick cookware that releases food and pan-sea meats, fish, and vegetables.
  • Those in search of pots and pans sets with lids and woks that use HexClad non stick hybrid technology for more versatility and durability than traditional non stick
  • Perfect choice for home chefs and avid cooks, who don’t want their cookware to be too fragile.
  • Considerations:

  • If non stick is your preferred material for daily cooking, a HexClad pan will save you from having to replace your pan as often
  • HexClad fry pans may perform better than traditional non stick skillets, but they won’t replace a stainless pan when it comes to searing your favorite foods
  • While HexClad’s cookware is free of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), an alternative compound used in non-stick cookware coatings, they do use polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
  • Hexclad Cookware Review

    What Is Hexclad Cookware?

    HexClad pans feature a hybrid design, which combines nonstick and stainless steel. The standard tri-ply added pan is made up of three layers: an aluminum interior for fast, even heating (see more on our performance testing below), followed by their proprietary coating, which gives it the desired level of stickiness without sacrificing too much durability or reactivity; lastly comes another layer comprised entirely from laser etched hexagons–this gave them their name!

    HexClad is the first line of cookware to combine PFOA-free, nonstick cooking with stainless steel laser etched in an interwoven honeycomb design. The idea behind their design? The idea behind their design was to create a surface that could withstand high heat while searing steaks, but also protect the ceramic coating’s inset from damage by metal utensils and general wear. There is enough room between “hexagons” for food to move freely so it doesn’t stick together.

    HexClad is new cookware made with a patented process that bonds stainless steel to aluminum. This creates a unique cooking surface that is nonstick, durable, and easy to clean. Ceramic particles add durability and heat distribution.

    This resulted in a lightweight, yet sturdy cookware set. It also features a nonstick surface that’s easy to clean. HexClad cookware is oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used on all cooktops, including induction.

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    This pan is unique because of the stainless steel. This pan is more than a smooth surface. It has protruding parts that prevent the nonstick coating being scratched or otherwise damaged. They also provide benefits such as easy cleaning and protection against scratches.

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    Hexclad Cookware Review

    Hexclad Cookware Faqs

    Let’s go over the most commonly asked questions regarding HexClad before I give you my last recommendation.

    HexClad was designed and made in Los Angeles by HexClad.
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    HexClad pots and pans are oven-safe up to 500degF. Tempered glass lids can be baked at 300°F.

    HexClad cookware, including lids, is dishwasher safe, making cleanup convenient and easy. Hand washing is recommended for premium cookware. Dishwasher life can be cut by high temperatures and steam as well as harsh detergents.

    HexClad pans and pots have a magnetic steel exterior that is suitable for induction cooking.

    HexClad offers a limited lifetime warranty that covers defects in materials and craftsmanship. The warranty does not include normal wear and tear or surface imperfections. In other words, the warranty won’t cover scratched or degraded non-stick coating.
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    HexClad provides a 30 day return policy and a guarantee of money back. The one downside is that you have to pay for return shipping.

    You can buy direct at HexClad.com and on Amazon. It’s periodically available in select Costco stores, but Costco rotates products frequently, so call your local store before making the trip.

    Hexclad Cookware Review

    Are Hexclad cookware good?

    Hexclad cookware has transformed the way we cook with its state-of-the art technology. HexClad hybrid cookware can withstand temperatures up to 500°F, which makes it an excellent choice as your next cookware.

    HexClad nonstick cookware can be lightweight and stylish. Another great thing about HexClad cookware is that it can work on almost any cooking appliance.

    Whether you have a gas, electric, or induction cooktop, HexClad cookware is a great choice for your kitchen.

    HexClad cookware comes with a lifetime guarantee. This means that if anything goes wrong with your pan, you can have it replaced.
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    Hexclad Cookware Review

    Why Use Hexclad Cookware?

    HexClad pans are durable and high quality. They will serve you well for many years. Its nonstick surface is durable and can even be used frequently during cooking.

    A huge benefit about this material over other options such as ceramic or titanium coated cast iron? Its durability: once breaking down from extended use on your stovetop, there’s no need to worry because it’ll be easy enough to fix with professional help (or just do it ourselves).

    The best part about the HexClad is that it can take even super sticky foods like waffles or doughnuts off a grill without sticking! It’s durable enough to last for years, but it will cost you less in the long-term if your pans are damaged quickly.

    The HexClad is not only one of most robust options, but also the lightest. This is partly due to the hexagon-shaped silicon cells which make up the pan’s surface. The silicone cells distribute heat evenly, prevent sticking and keep the pan lightweight.

    It is oven-safe up to 500°F, which makes it an ideal choice for any type of cooking. It can also be used with all kinds of cooktops including induction.

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    Hexclad Cookware Review

    Hexclad Cookware Review

    They’re metal-resistant and safe for dishwashers, setting the brand apart from its competitors. This advanced design extends from the inside to the outside as well, ensuring a mess-free kitchen when you’re all done.

    This HexClad Griddle Pan is ideal for pancakes, eggs, bacon, crepes, and more. It’s difficult to cook breakfast food without butters or oils. However, the nonstick valleys will ensure you don’t need to use as much.

    The HexClad All Clad Wok’s deep design prevents mess on the stove. You can easily toss ingredients without worrying about noodles or rice flying everywhere. You can also deep fry with it because of its flared shape. Churros anyone?

  • 12″ pan
  • 10″ pan
  • 12″ wok
  • HexClad can be washed in the dishwasher. These are the care instructions that HexClad recommends before you use it for the first time:

  • Wash your pan with warm, soapy water right out of the package
  • You can start cooking as soon as you are ready. Let it cool down before you wash it again.
  • The HexClad pans have a “laser-etched, hexagon design”. The stainless steel surface features a Japanese ceramic, non-stick coating. This protective layer also contains diamond dust for extra durability, even heat distribution, and good sears on food.

    Hexclad Cookware Review

    Gordon Ramsay Uses Hexclad Cookware

    If our HexClad cookware review isn’t enough proof for you, you might also be surprised to learn that Gordon Ramsay also uses HexClad at home.

    Famous chef, Gordon Ramsay, praises the nonstick properties of HexClad products because of how well they work. The hybrid technology, which combines premium stainless-steel materials and nonstick products, is what Gordon Ramsay says he likes.

    HexClad safe cookware products can also be used on the stove. You can then use them in oven cooking. Ramsay says that HexClad cookware is well-worth the price.

    Hexclad Cookware Review

    Hexclad Hybrid Cookware Set 7pc With Liquid Lid

    When you are looking for a complete set, the HexClas 7pc hybrid cookware set with liquid lid is an excellent choice. This seven-piece set comes with 12, 10, and 8-inch pans with the lid included and a 12-inch nonstick cookware wok.

    The set of nonstick HexClad pans and pots is true to its label. It has clear-coated surfaces that allow for optimal heat distribution and a high level of heat retention. This kit is great for beginning cooks and can be used as a starter set or an addition to your professional arsenal.

    Serving delicious meals for your loved ones helps create sustenance but can also unite them together, creating a lasting memory. This Hexclad cookware set is an investment and makes cooking with friends and family simpler.

    Hexclad Cookware Review

    Are Hexclad cookware good?

    Your cookware is covered by a lifetime warranty. If it becomes damaged, the pan can be returned to you.

    Only anything that affects the function of the pan is covered by the lifetime warranty. HexClad will not pay for cosmetic damage, discoloration or small scratches that may affect the function of the pan.

    HexClad cans will occasionally discolor, but this is normal. If you wash the pans after each use, it will prevent food particles and grease from sticking to the surfaces. After soaking in soapy water, clean the stain with a sponge.

    These pans will allow you to cook your food at the same temperature that you would normally use. These pans are excellent at spreading heat throughout the pan. However, it is important to cook with HexClad hybrid cookerware at a lower temperature.

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    Make sure that you season the stainless steel portion of the pan. Use warm soapy water to clean the pan. This will ensure that it does not lose its seasoning.

    Hexclad Cookware Review

    Do Hexclad Pans Contain Ptfe (Aka Teflon)?

    They don’t specify what nonstick coating they are using so it is difficult to say if it’s safe for the environment or humans. It’s possible that they have used PFAS-like products.

    For more information on these chemicals see the article “What is PFOA?” The Guide to Nonstick Cookware Chemicals: There are many things to consider before purchasing nonstick cookware.

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    As long as you use the pans correctly–no high heat, no aerosol cooking spray–the bigger concern is the chemicals used to apply the PTFE to the pan (i.e., PFAS, as discussed above).

    It doesn’t matter which nonstick coatings Hexclad uses, the chemicals used in their manufacturing are nearly all gone. In fact, you are more likely to be exposed to PFAS or similar chemicals from your drinking water than from your nonstick cookware.

    But Hexclad pans require a little more consideration: because of Hexclad’s unique hybrid design, we wonder what happens when the PTFE in Hexclad begins to break down, as it inevitably will over time (true no matter how careful you are with it because that is the nature of PTFE coatings).

    Is it possible to see PTFE that has gone bad with the stainless overlay?

    If so, is Hexclad cookware more dangerous than regular PTFE?

    These questions are not answered by us, but we can tell you that the pan surface looked somewhat like Teflon after repeated uses. You can view an example of that below and let us know what your thoughts.

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    Hexclad Cookware Review

    What Users Are Saying About Hexclad

    Like many nonstick cookware brands (even high-end expensive ones), reviews of Hexclad are mixed. Mixed opinions are also expressed about Hexclad’s hybrid technology. While some people consider it the best thing since Teflon, others find its performance to be inconsistent or even questionable.

    Here’s what we’ve found on Hexclad around the Internet:

    Although it’s not too terrible, some negative comments were quite interesting. Many users claimed that the cookware was not nonstick, which we knew. Some complained about bad (or nonexistent) customer service (which we found surprising). Someone said the pan flaked, though Hexclad replaced the pan when they sent in photos (which is great). A second reviewer complained that the lids were too cheap. We agree. Some complained of discoloration, which we experienced as well in our tests.

    The majority of reviews are positive, but even those who were positive didn’t expect these pans to be truly nonstick.

    Consumer Reports: Consumer Reports really liked these pans, giving them an overall positive rating. The cookware received mostly positive reviews, despite being criticized for its handle strength. We liked the handle, and it was very sturdy.

    Note that this doesn’t mean the product is inferior but rather that some of the reviews may be deceptive. Fakespot generally gives Hexclad and its products high ratings. However, we will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated if they change.

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