Caraway Cookware Review

Caraway Cookware Review

FAQs about Caraway Cookware

Here are some quick answers to questions you may have about Caraway Cookware.

Yes. It can reach 550°F.

Yes, it can also be used on all types of cooktops.

No, make sure to hand wash only. The coating could be damaged by washing in the dishwasher.

Caraway Cookware is designed in New York and made in China and India at factories that adhere to strict ethical manufacturing practices and meet standards for BSCI, SMETA, and Fair Trade.

Caraway Cookware is sold on, Crate and Barrel, West Elm, and several other retailers.

Yes. You can buy each pan individually, but you can save 14% by purchasing the entire set. Go to to view the current prices.

Although it is not likely to cause warping, you can make them more susceptible by exposing the pan to extreme temperature fluctuations such as placing it in a cold sink with water. If your pan ever warps, refer to my warping guide for help.
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To maintain the integrity of the non-stick surface, use nylon, silicone, wooden, plastic, or any other non-abrasive utensil.

Caraway offers a 30-day, no-hassle return and refund policy for their products. You can read the full policy here.

No non-stick cookware will last forever, and Caraway is no exception. On average, Caraway cookware will last one to three years, at which point the ceramic non-stick coating breaks down and loses its effectiveness. You can prolong the lifespan of Caraway cookware by using soft utensils, cooking on low to medium heat, and handwashing it after each use. Check out this guide to learn more about how long non-stick pans (like Caraway) last and how to know when it’s time to replace them.

Yes, if you meet a specific dollar amount, your order is shipped for free. Check out to see all the latest offers.

Although Caraway ceramic cookware isn’t the most expensive on the market it’s still very affordable due to its high-quality. The reason they can offer relatively low prices for quality cookware is that they sell primarily on their website with no retail markups. For up-to-date pricing, visit

Please visit the Caraway FAQ page.

Caraway Cookware Review

Caraway Cookware: What We Love

It has many great things. So much so that I’m envious John got to try it out and not me! Some of the things we love about Caraway cookware include:

  • It is nonsticky and safe for the skin. (third-party testing approved)
  • Tested and approved by Prop 65
  • Lighter than cast iron or carbon steel
  • Easy to clean (for longevity, it’s best to clean Caraway cookware by hand with non-abrasive materials and mild soap, though it is technically dishwasher safe)
  • Ceramic nonstick cookware doesn’t need to be seasoning – it will rust!
  • Cooking requires minimal oil
  • Beautiful color options that will suit every kitchen style
  • Produced sustainably and packed
  • Fair working conditions, ethically manufactured
  • Long-lasting, for a lower carbon footprint
  • Uses most induction stoves
  • Oven safe up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Comes with its own smart storage solution (when purchasing the full set).
  • Caraway’s cookware is much lighter than cast iron and carbon steel. This makes Caraway a great choice for anyone who wants non-toxic cookware but struggles to lift heavy pots, pans, and bakeware. The ceramic-coated aluminum cookware is also free of lead, cadmium, and other toxic materials that can leach into food.

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    All in all, Caraway seems to be the real deal for non-toxic, non-stick cookware and gets a strong recommendation from the LeafScore team.

    Caraway Cookware Review

    Are Caraway cookware and other products safe?

    The reputation of non-stick cookware is not good. Nonstick pots and pans contain ‘forever chemical’ which emit toxic fumes, pollute the air, and leach harmful chemicals into foods and water. They also tend not to last very long, meaning they have a bigger environmental footprint than, say, cast iron, carbon steel, or ceramic cookware.

    Caraway does things differently. This relatively new kitchenware brand only makes cookware and bakeware free of PFAS, PTFE, PFOA, and other toxic chemicals. The company uses a proprietary smooth ceramic coating to create a naturally non-stick surface over pots and pans made with an aluminum core and stainless steel base and handles. You can use minimal oil to cook and have a nonstick surface that is almost as good as toxic Teflon.

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    But is Caraway’s marketing just hype? Nope. No. Every pot and pan passed with flying colors. This included passing California’s Prop 65 testing for lead and cadmium.

    No trace amounts of PFOA or PTFE were detected in the test results. There was also no worrisome leaching of other chemicals of concern even when tested in acidic solutions to mimic cooking with, say, an acidic tomato sauce. Very small amounts of some metals were detected in the first and second use of a pan but these were completely undetectable by the third pass. As such, if you’re really concerned over exceptionally tiny amounts of aluminum, iron, manganese, magnesium, and so forth, you could simmer some orange juice in the pan for a while and then give it a good clean to get rid of any residual traces.

    Caraway Cookware Review

    How We Tested Caraway Cookware

    In July 2020, I received my two first pieces of Caraway cookware. Opening up my new cookware, I decided to put it right to work making dinner for the evening. Using a bounty of fresh veggies from the garden, I put together a quick curry with a side of coconut rice.

    Even with the best nonstick pans, rice–particularly sticky coconut rice–has a tendency to cling to the pan. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rewashed my old saucepan after finding rice residue on the bottom (an embarrassing amount). After letting the ceramic pan cool down, I rinsed it in warm soapy water. Then it was dried. It was perfect, to my delight. As for the curry packed with turmeric, a spice that has a tendency to stain hands and dishtowels, the leftovers slid right out of the pan into a container for lunch–no yellow stains to be found.

    Later that week I made some ginger lettuce cups and pork. The large saute pan heated quickly (way faster than my cast-iron skillet) and evenly to brown up the pork. The pan easily accommodates a double batch of this fresh and easy dinner–maybe even a triple batch if I had a lot of mouths to feed.

    After consuming these for dinner, I have to admit I was concerned about how I would wash away the hoisin sauce which often lingers in my pans. Just like the other dishes I made, cleaning these ceramic pans was a breeze.

    I’ve had the complete Caraway cookware set since December 2020, and cooking with them has been a real joy. They perform well, clean up easily and look beautiful on the table. The one thing I have learned, however, is cooking on high heat will lower the pans’ nonstick factor. This was something I had to learn the hard way from my husband who cranked the small skillet on the stove too often, and the pan’s nonstick factor has definitely decreased. When boiling pasta water, it is important to be mindful of the heat. Patience is a virtue!

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    My Caraway cookware is still my favorite. Having pots and pans that double as serveware is a big plus for me–fewer dishes to wash!

    Caraway Cookware Review

    Off the bat, it’s important to mention that a general rule of thumb for nonstick pans and cookware is to avoid the dishwasher at all costs. Most folks know that steel or abrasive utensils can scratch their nonstick pans and render their coating useless over time, but many don’t stop to think about the abrasive nature of their dishwasher.

    It is not a good idea to wash nonstick cookware in a dishwasher. This holds true even for Caraway Cookware.

    It is very easy to clean your caraway pots.

  • Use a non-abrasive cleaner, cleaning pads/sponges and a gentle scrubber.
  • Soak your pans in warm, soapy water to remove grease or stuck-on food.
  • Scrub your pans with non-abrasive utensils to remove grease and char.
  • Warm water is sufficient to rinse your pans
  • Air dry
  • Ceramic cookware should be handled carefully. The Caraway ceramic glaze can crack, which exposes the inner core of your pan. This makes the area surrounding the chip brittle and can lead to more cracking, shortening the lifespan of your new pans.

    These simple tips will ensure that your pans last a lifetime. You’ll enjoy amazing food for many years if you take care of them.

    Caraway Cookware Review

    Caraway Home Cookware: Worth It?


    In conclusion, are Caraway pots worth it? YES! This is my favorite nonstick cooking set in 2022. My set has been great for several weeks. I have used it a lot. I’ll update this review in the future if anything changes, as I always want to give you the most accurate review available.

    Caraway cookware changed my life. I no longer hate cooking. Ha! It is so easy to clean it and begin a new dinner.

    Caraway Home cookware is non toxic, non stick, and looks pretty in my kitchen. I can’t stop raving about it to my family and friends. You can add this set to your bridal registry, or purchase it for yourself. It will be a great set to cook with.

    The hardest decision to make next: what color to choose! They offer cream, navy, gray, sage, perracotta, marigold, brick red, and limited edition options: black with gold or white with gold here.

    These are just a few:

    Caraway Cookware Review

    What Is Caraway Cookware?

    The signature Caraway cookware set includes the following:

  • 1-inch fry pan
  • 3-quart sauce pan
  • 4.5-quart saute pan
  • Dutch oven, 6.5-quart
  • The set, which is what I have, arrives with storage solutions for both the cookware and the lids. This has been one of the features I most appreciate as an urban, small-space dweller.

    The bakeware includes:

  • 18×13” baking sheet
  • 10×15” baking sheet
  • 12 cup muffin pan
  • 9×13” rectangular baking pan
  • Cooling rack 18×13″
  • 9” square pan
  • 1lb loaf pan
  • 2 9” circular pans
  • The 5-piece half-bakery set includes the rectangle baking pan, muffin pan and both the large baking sheets. I like the bakeware so much that I ended up purchasing the loaf pan separately.

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    Caraway bakeware as well as Caraway cookware are equipped with heat pads. These can be used to rest pots and pans on a heat pad if your nonstick ceramic cookware has been in an oven.

    Caraway Cookware Review

    Caraway Cookware Final Thoughts

    So what’s the verdict after a year of using Caraway’s cookware? It is a brand I would recommend as non-toxic cookware.

    Yes I think it’s worth it!

    As with anything you purchase, make sure to note the care tips for best results and longevity.

    Caraway’s ceramic non-toxic cookware, which is made of non-toxic ceramic, offers the best of both worlds: it’s beautiful, durable, inexpensive (unlike copper), and versatile. It’s also safe and simple to use. (Non-toxic + non-stick is a very challenging combo to find!)

    Our cookware has held up quite well thus far, but I think it would’ve been even better if I followed the tips. Thankfully, I know the tips now though and will be implementing them moving forward with our one-year old set and sticking to them for our second set!

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    Caraway Cookware Review

    Different Uses For Caraway Cookware

    The pans are hefty and quite heavy (only the Dutch oven and the saute pan feature dual handles for easy carrying), but you can use a variety of different cooking techniques with the cookware. The eggs are easy to slide, the chicken cutlets cook evenly and onions quickly saute well. Food never sticks to their surfaces. Even the thick chili that I prepared in the Dutch oven did not stick. The cookware is also oven safe up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, eliminating the need for bulky cast iron skillets in your kitchen. But be careful of the stainless steel handles — they heat up quickly and you’ll need an oven mitt to avoid burns.

    Caraway is well-known for its cookware but they also have a range of linens and bakeware to go with their pans.

    Caraway Cookware Review

    Are Caraway Cookware and Cookware worth it?

    The most popular response to my question about Caraway was “Is it (the cookware set] worthwhile the money?”

    Get $150 off your entire set, plus free shipping. Set of 7 pieces: $395

    Back to the question–does the Caraway set live up to the hype?

    It does, I believe. Based on what I have seen in the past month, I would keep the set even if I wasn’t working with Caraway to be an affiliate.

    Can I imagine that there are some consumers who wouldn’t love Caraway? Sure. Folks who do a lot of high heat cooking, such as heavy duty pan-searing, may find that the suggested low to medium temperature range is limited.

    Caraway Cookware Review

    Is The Caraway Cookware Set Worth It?

    The cookware is nonstick and makes it easy to prepare a wide variety of foods. I found myself using way less oil than I usually do while cooking, and cleanup took literal seconds even though the cookware isn’t dishwasher safe. They are also durable. I have not experienced chipping, staining, or scratching of the ceramic coating.
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    If you’re new to the brand and are unwilling to shell out the money to see if their cookware is worth it, Caraway offers a 30-day trial where you can try out their products and return them for a full refund if you’re unhappy with them.